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Practice Areas

We are dedicated to providing our clients, corporate or individual, with effective, timely advice for today’s market. We seek to build strong relationships with our clients and serve each client’s individual needs and objectives while providing the highest possible quality advice and personal service in an ever-changing market. 

Corporate Accounting


Day-to-day operations. Balance the books, track expenses and revenue, execute payroll, and pay the bills. Compile all the financial data needed to issue a company’s financial statements in accordance with government regulations.


Analyze revenue and expenses to ensure effective use of capital. Advise businesses about project costs, make capital investments, and structure deals to help companies grow.

Financial Planning


Our goal is to ensure you will have what it takes for a safe retirement. Utilizing our leading capabilities in planning, a professional team will work closely with you on developing a full retirement plan.

Whether you’re looking for a professional to review what you’re currently doing, or someone to manage and implement every aspect of your needs for you, our professionals are prepared to provide both levels of care. You can focus on starting a relationship built around trust and start immediately working towards your goals.

Corporate Tax Service


Activities in this area involve administering taxes and determining how to decrease the company’s tax burden. Responsibilities include working with attorneys on tax litigation, researching tax laws and keeping up with new government rules and regulations. Investments and pensions also need to be managed with an eye toward minimizing taxes. 



Stock Purchasing


Every client begins with us through our financial planning process. We work with you to fully understand your current financial situation and your precise goals today. We help you determine what’s reasonable, what’s worked well and what hasn’t.


With precision, we outline exactly what we’ll do, why we’ll do it, how we plan to and when we’re going to do it. This will serve as a foundation for our investment decisions and ensure we remain disciplined in good and bad times alike for your long-term success.

Individual Tax Service


When it comes to tax planning and compliance issues for individuals, our team can help. Our Tax Services Team is thoroughly trained in all aspects of individual tax and attends intensive updates each year to stay abreast of changes in both federal and state laws. Because we are always in the forefront, we are able to offer our clients the compliance and planning services designed to protect their assets while minimizing their tax burdens.

Mutual Funds & Rollover


Receive personal guidance with a financial planner on opening, investing and managing your IRA.


With our unique process, you’ll find a dedicated team focused on your goals. Without a product sales pitch, we will identify and prioritize your needs with a custom plan to address your goals one-by-one.

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